Middle School

What does the middle school schedule look like for the week?

Monday: 5PM-9PM

Tuesday: 9AM-9PM

Wednesday: 9AM-9PM

Thursday: 9AM-9PM

What does the cost of camp include?

The cost of camp includes meals for 4 days (Light breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), recreational and extra curricular activities, transportation, and camp materials. (Cost includes a light breakfast, but we encourage you to feed your child before arriving!)

Do I have to pay the full price to register?

No, a $75 non-refundable deposit will lock in your price & spot for your student.

When is the final payment due for camp?

Final payments are due JULY 8TH. You can make all final payments here. Failure to make your final payment will forfeit your student’s spot.

How do I pay my student’s remaining balance?

You can pay your student’s remaining balance by going to the “Register” tab & going under the remaining balance section.

How do I know what my student’s remaining balance is?

Below, we’ve provided the remaining balances depending on what month you paid your deposit.

  • July: $50
  • August-April 15: $75
  • April 16th – June 17th: $100

What will my student be doing during this week?

Our camp is mainly made up of the following experiences:

  • Morning/Evening Worship Services: These services include amazing music, over the top creativity, and most importantly, a life-changing message delivered by one of our camp speakers.
  • Community Missions Projects: We mobilize our middle school students to make a positive impact all over South Florida. We partner our students with awesome organizations such as Kids in Distress and Feeding South Florida. After a week of these projects, our student contribute to the communities around them through the love of Christ.
  • Recreation: At UNITED Camp, we love REC! We take our students through a variety of recreational activities that are fun regardless of a student’s athletic ability or competitiveness. You wouldn’t believe how much our students bond with one another and their adult leaders after having a ton of fun together.
  • Extracurricular Activities: We also throw in some extra fun activities throughout the week that may include laser tag, going to the pool, and attending a movie!

What are houses?

Houses are a way to make a big student ministry feel small. Each house is a specific grade. Your student is automatically assigned to a house depending on what grade he/she is in. This keeps students close in age together. During the entire week of camp, houses compete against each other for (fake) points to win the championship. By the end of the week, houses are more like families!

How do I know what house my student is in?

Check back here in June to find out which house your student is in!

What if my student has a dietary restriction?

If your student is gluten free or vegan, NO WORRIES! We got them covered! We have a menu crafted for your student’s dietary restrictions. There is an additional upcharge for student’s with dietary preferences. The additional cost for middle school is $35. You can pay for your student’s dietary preference here.

What time do I need to drop my student off at camp the first day?

You may drop your student off as early as 5pm on Monday, July 22rd.

What time do I need to drop my student off at camp Tuesday-Thursday?

You can drop your student off at 9AM Tuesday-Thursday at Church by the Glades Sawgrass Campus.

What time and where do I need to pick my student up from camp?

Pick up is at 9PM everyday at Church by the Glades Sawgrass Campus. You can pick your student up by entering through the north entrance (kid stuf side) and stopping at the target balls.

What if I can’t drop my student off at 9AM?

We are offering early check in at 8AM.

Is there any financial assistance available to send my student to camp?

Partial Financial Aid Applications will be available between during the entire month of May. Due to limited funds, we are only able to allot $50 and $100 credit towards a student’s camp balance. Before applying, please refer to our financial help section.

Who will be leading my student the week of camp?

At UNITED Camp, our students are led by an amazing group of Adult Leaders that spend days training for the task. These Adult Leaders are all background checked and have gone through a vetting process ensuring that they are the right person for the job! You and your student will get to meet them the first morning of camp.

My student has never been to camp. How do they get introduced to other students and leaders?

Upon arrival of camp, students are met with highly energetic leaders where they will be taken from registrations to their house where they will be introduced to other leaders and students. Some students arrive the first day of camp and are welcomed by friendly strangers but leave camp having made family and friends! If students want to know their leaders/students in their house prior to camp, they are always welcome to attend the wave every Wednesday night at 7PM.

Does my child need any other forms for camp?

No, this year we have combined the medical release form with the online registration form.

Will middle and high school students be together the whole week?

Middle schoolers and high schoolers are only together during services in the morning and at night. Other than that, their schedules are separated!

How will my student know what to bring each day?

We will provide a “what to bring” list for each day so your student is prepared for the days activities.